By Nasiefa Adhikarie (BA student)

IPSA’s annual Mawlid was once again an extremely heart-warming event, and showcased so much talent from the student’s presentations and performances. This year the main theme was “Love For the Prophet (May the peace and blessings be upon him)” and honestly being present just in body didn’t suffice at all, because wow the atmosphere in the Hall was one which made your heart tremble causing all types of emotions to flow through your veins.

There was an abundance of love flowing through the room causing such an overwhelming feeling that didn’t leave anyone with a dry eye. The essential purpose of the Mawlid is to bring about that spiritual hype and being a part of this event each year I can humbly say that this objective is always reached and sets the tone for your spiritual activity for the rest of the year as well. The goal is not just to engage in a Mawlid once a year but to create consciousness of maintaining love for the best man to have walked the earth.

Being a part of the team, of whom Shaykh Fakhruddin Owaisi was the main co-ordinator, it was very pleasurable in that you don’t do it because “the Shaykh said so”, but mainly for the reward you want to attain in the next life having shown your love for the Prophet (S.A.W). Yes it is stressful and time consuming arranging a Mawlid function however the end result was absolutely rewarding.

The students were honoured by a Guest Speaker, Maulānā Muhammad Carr who is currently active in Imāmat at both the historic Awwal Masjid as well as the Stegmann Road Masjid. He spoke about the relevancy of the Mawlid and what it means for students of Dīn. All the students who presented on behalf of their classes had truly outdone themselves. Among those presentations were: poems, spoken words, talks, nashīd and traditional Cape style Riwayat. And these items were presented in such n passionate way that it set the tone as to how we should maintain our love for the Prophet (S.A.W) on a daily basis.

The respected Shaykh Fakhruddin Owaisi ended the event with a beautiful speech stating why we celebrate Mawlid, what’s the significance of it and how should it be celebrated. He touched on very profound aḥadīth which gave the audience and students a much broader perspective on the Milād un-Nabī.

Another efficacious event and we hope to have many more of a similar magnitude in the following years, may Allāh bestow tranquillity and humbleness in all of us to always have a great and much higher love for the Rasūl (S.A.W) than what we have for our parents and children amīn.

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