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Prescribed student fees (2021)

Fees are valid for the 2021 academic year only.
Prescribed student fees include part of the registration, prescribed modules, additional support, and intervention sessions (compulsory upon all students where applicable), and examinations (excluding special and supplementary examinations).

Fees discount:

Students who register and pay the full registration fees on or before 21st May 2021 qualifies for a 10% discount on prescribed fees. Please note that this discount only applies to full year course.

Late Application and Registration

Late applications received after 17th May 2021will incur a late application penalty of R150.00. [Note closing date
for application is on 17th May]

The minimum amount payable on registration

  1. a) R5000.00 is payable upon registration. This amount includes:

b) R1300-00 non-refundable registration fee, and R3700-00 toward tuition fees

  1. Fees paid in full before or on the 30th May 2021 will receive an addition discount of 5%.

Withdrawal / De-registration from courses

  1. A student wishing to de-register from a course needs to follow the standard de-registration process.
  2. The student is responsible for informing the college in writing of such a decision to withdraw or de-register.
  3. The designated notification form to de-register from a course must be filled out and submitted to the E&R Office for the attention of the E&R Officer.
  4. In the case of unmarried students, the paying parent(s)/guardian must counter-sign the designated de-registration notification form.
  5. A R300 Administration Fee per module will be charged on all de-registrations.
  6. If notice to de-register from a course is received before the commencement date of the course then 100% 100% adjustment (minus the R300 administration fee per module) of the course fee is applicable.
  7. If deregistration notifications for the course reaches the ER Office before 31st August, 50% reimbursement will apply.
  8. Failing to submit such notification, will result in students being held liable for full payment of tuition fees for the application modules and courses.


Prescribed student fees
Note that the outstanding balance after payment of the initial amount on registration must be paid up in equal monthly installments over six months from the time of registration.
  • A student must have a student number BEFORE registration can be processed or fees paid or deposited into the Standard bank account.
Legal fees
Any legal fees that arise due to actions taken by IPSA to collect unpaid student fees will be for the account of students.
Cancellation and failure to pay fees
If students fail to pay any outstanding amount on their account before the relevant date, their registration for the respective study units will be cancelled by the institution, and only special appeals against such cancellation will be considered. In respect of each cancelled study unit, students will forfeit fees in accordance with Registration cancellation dates. Thereafter, they will be registered only for the number of study units for which they had paid in full before the dates as indicated.
IPSA holds the right to withhold a student’s results who have defaulted in paying their fees in full.
NB: Please note that this rule is to be strictly adhered to.
Method of payment
Office hours:
  • 08:00 to 15:45 (Monday to Thursday). 08:00 to 11.45 (Friday )
Debit Cards
Debit card payments are only accepted if you register in person at IPSA
Credit Cards
Credit Cards are restricted to ‘Visa’ and ‘MasterCard’. All the particulars required under ‘Particulars of payment’ on the registration form, must be supplied. The cardholder's signature is also required on the registration form.
Bank deposits (SA Banks only) / EFT payments:
  • Should any of the information on the bank deposit slip be incomplete or incorrect the transaction will not be processed by the bank and/or cause a delay in the allocation of the funds to your account. Amounts will be allocated within 2 working days to the study fee account provided that all the information on the deposit slip is correct.
 if you already have a student number;
  •  in respect of student fees, examination fees (supplementary or special fees)
  • At any branch of Standard Bank (In the case of electronic transfers please ensure that the reference field is completed correctly).
  •  provided the deposit slip is correctly filled in as follows:
International Peace College South Africa.
Standard Bank Branch – Vangate Mall,
Branch Code: 25909
Account Number: 272759031
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ
Reference: Student Number + Name
Debit Order
Registered students or their donors may also sign a monthly debit order for the credit of the IPSA account at the
Standard Bank account reflected herein.

PayFast Option: See website


Registered Program:


Total Registration Paid:



Student Name:


Student Signature:



Parent/ Guardian Name:


Parent Signature:






Application Fee


Late Application Fee


Registration Fee

R5 000.00

Non-refundable Fee

R 1 300.00

Balance paid towards fees / Bridging course

R 3 700.00

50% of fees payable by end of March 2021

R16 465.00

6 Monthly instalments ( first instalment due end April 2021)

R 2744.00


R40 700.00*less10% R36 630.00

BAHIS Fees Breakdown




CORE MODULES (Compulsory)



Readings in Maqasid Shari’ah

24/ Compulsory

R7 900

Research Methods

24/ Compulsory

R7 900

Research Project

30/ Compulsory

R9 100




ELECTIVES (Maximum 2 Electives)



Contemporary Islamic Thought

24/ Elective

R7 900

Contemporary Islamic Law

24/ Elective

R7 900

Contemporary Muslim Societies &


24/ Elective


R7 900

Advanced Arabic

24/ Elective

R7 900



          R40 700

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