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Taj Akleker public speaking seminar period

Taj Akleker shares his public speaking gems with students during the seminar period on Mondays 7 and 14 August.
Public speaking is often the number one personal fear of people.
Know that it will never be perfect; your opinions will never be accepted by everyone.
Take criticism as a learning curve.

Must do:
When you arrive at the venue, after you have done your research etc, always arrive early. Get a sense of the place and audience. Visualise the crowd.
Spend five minutes before the speech, quietly, in a spiritual space, ask the Almighty to guide your speech.
Institution of auctioneering was self-taught. To be able to speak incredibly fast w
When you start your speech
Three words to always remember: “Prepare, prepare, prepare”

You’re a human being. If you’re a public speaker and you’re not nervous in the first two or three minutes, you are dead. 2 second pauses between phrases helps lower nervousness levels.
Always smile at the audience
Make good eye contact with as many people as possible
Deep breaths are needed.

If the introduction is executed correctly, people eagerly anticipate what comes next.
Create something special for the audience
Make a bold statement, capture the audience with something such as a current event, or a personal experience.
Watch your time. Make sure you are on time and make sure you stick to your time: If you have ten minutes – finish at 9.
Keep the audience captivated.
Move with technology – use Visual Aids.
Keep your eyes focused.
Always quote references.

Before your walk up the stage, make sure your attire is set correctly – button your jacket before you get on to the stage.
Look at the audience and smile a few seconds before you start speaking.
Speak slowly, gather your thoughts – you’ll make a far better opening statement and will get their attention. Speaking fast says that you are nervous.
Create a sense in the audience that you want to give – that you’re not a taker. “I have been waiting for this day for so long, I have been preparing for three weeks because I am so excited to meet you.

Turn your nervousness into excitement
Most important tip: Thank You. ALWAYS thank the audience profusely. When people clap for you, acknowledge it.


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