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IPSA’s Colloquium -“The Role of Civil Society in Relation to Government: An Islamic Perspective”

This event is happening tomorrow, and it promises to be engagingly beneficial.

Please note that we have had to take precautions in adjusting the programme due to possible load shedding set for the Rylands area.

Find the the adjusted programme attached. Programme commences at 10am.

See you all at IPSA’s Colloquium that will address the topic “The Role of Civil Society in Relation to Government: An Islamic Perspective”.

Contemporary Islamic Law

Contemporary Islamic Law by Prof. Jasser Auda

ISL405F Contemporary Islamic Law (elective)
MODULE TITLE: Contemporary Islamic Law
CREDITS: 24 hours + 6 student seminar hours
TAUGHT: Semester 1 YEAR 2019

This module aims to provide students with a comprehensive and objective-oriented (maqasidi) methodology (manhajiyyah) to contemporary Islamic law (fiqh). First, fiqh is defined as Islam’s ethical system in all aspects of life; going beyond the traditional chapters on the “acts of worship” (ibadaat) to include contemporary fiqh on issues related to medicine, economics, arts, politics, family, environment, international relations, etc. Then, Islam’s revealed knowledge, i.e. the Quran and Sunnah, takes a central position in the fiqhi methodology taught in this module, and the relationship between the Quran and the narrations of the Sunnah is explained in the context of the fundamental theories (usul) of reasoning (ijtihad). And after surveying the history of the traditional schools of fiqh since the era of the companions of the Prophet (s), the module covers and compares various contemporary schools and trends. A number of case studies are presented related to human rights (huquq al-insan), Islamic law for minorities (fiqh al-aqalliyat), family law (fiqh al-usrah), charity endowments (fiqh al-waqf), priorities in the Islamic law (fiqh al-awlawiyyat) and universal laws of God (fiqh al-sunan al-ilahiyyah).

Please download the full Course plan here

Registration and Open Day

IPSA Open Day
IPSA Open Day
The International Peace College South Africa (IPSA) invites you to attend their Registration and Open Day. Come and see what the college has to offer.

The International Peace College South Africa (IPSA) invites you to attend their Registration and Open Day. Come and see what the college has to offer.

IPSA offers spiritually  transformative  leadership development courses in the post-matric gap year Higher Certificate and through contextually relevant  Islamic Studies and Arabic at the BA level leading to the option of  postgraduate studies.

2019 Application and Registration at the International Peace College South Africa is open. 

Contact the college via: 
☎021 6381121

Zakah Seminar in partnership with SANZAF

Zakah Seminar

IPSA students, in partnership with SANZAF, present a Zakah Seminar.

Join us for a seminar hilighting the Islamic law Of Zakah with a focus on addressing current issues.

Date : Saturday, 6 October 2018.
Time : 8:30 – 12:30
Venue : IPSA conference room
Address : Cnr Duine & Johnson Road, Rylands

Cost free | Refreshments served | RSVP 0724247981

Excel for Beginners

Our Excel for Beginners class is a 5-lesson introductory course designed for users who are new to the basics Excel has to offer.

This course is a practical session with limited capacity in order for individuals’ requirements to be met. Gain the knowledge and confidence to use formulae and explore the functionality Excel has to offer. Join us!

Starts 5 September, Wednesdays at IPSA’s PC Lab, Cnr Duine & Johnston Roads, Rylands, 7:30pm-8:30pm

Special student rates apply

For more information,

email or WhatsApp Fayruz 084 467 1588

Contemporary Challenges to Islamic Thought Colloquium

Short Description for News Section: IPSA, in collaboration with Shaykh Abu’l Hasan Ali al Nadwi
Leadership Academy& University of Notre Dame, invites you to a colloquium reflecting on “Contemporary
Challenges to Islamic Thought” with Dr E Moosa and Dr M Mirza.

6 April 2018
IPSA Auditorium, Cnr Duine & Johnston Rd, Rylands

Cost: Free
RSVP: / 084 499 8144

Introduction to Finance Course

No previous knowledge is needed; however, a basic exposure to business concepts is advantageous.

Learning Objectives
• The core principles of the Islamic financial system.
• Constituents for a valid contract.
• The norms and prohibitions that govern activities and contracts in the Islamic financial system.
• The differences between the Islamic financial system, and its institutions, and the conventional system.
• Understand the concept of money (what money is and what money is not)
• Some of the basic modes of Islamic finance.

Two days a week at two forty-minute session per day.

Registration: R250
Course fee: R1250
Capacity: 20

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