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South Africa

Parents Orientation

The Parents’ Orientation which took place on Thursday, 2 February 2017 provided some interesting observations from parents when they were engaged concerning their expectations from the International Peace College South Africa (IPSA).

Professor Ebrahim Arnold, the recently appointed Academic Manager at IPSA, reports: One of the parents thanked IPSA for motivating her daughter who completed the 1-year Higher Certificate in Islamic Studies programme. Her daughter has now registered for the accredited 3-year Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies. She was happy that in the rather challenging climate for youth in the World she thinks IPSA is doing a great job.

“Studying at IPSA has been a truly enlightening experience. It has enhanced my understanding of the Deen and enriched the way I live and practice Islam. I would recommend IPSA to anyone who wishes to connect with Allah (SWT) with understanding and an increased sense of sincerity to toward Him. IPSA’s ethos cultivates respect, unity within diversity and living Islam according to the middle-way.”

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