Address: Rylands Estate,
Johnston Rd, Gatesville,
Cape Town, 7766,
South Africa

Legacy of the Illustrious Imams Seminar

On Saturday, 26 August first year Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies students presented on the four Imams: Imam Abu Hanifah, Imam Ahmad, Imam Malik, and Imam Shafi’i. This illuminating seminar gave insight into the lives of these great scholars and their seminal works.

“Studying at IPSA has been a truly enlightening experience. It has enhanced my understanding of the Deen and enriched the way I live and practice Islam. I would recommend IPSA to anyone who wishes to connect with Allah (SWT) with understanding and an increased sense of sincerity to toward Him. IPSA’s ethos cultivates respect, unity within diversity and living Islam according to the middle-way.”

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