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Islam at the Cape Series – The life of Imām ‘Abdullah Hāron

Abdullah Haron was born on the 8th February 1924 in Newlands-Claremont, in the southern suburbs of Cape Town.
He was the youngest in a family of five, and still an infant when his mother, Asa Martin, passed away.
Since his father, Amarien, was not able to care for him, the latter’s childless sister, Maryam, reared him.
She supported him to pursue his studies until the time he got married to Galiema Sadan on the 15th of March in 1950.




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During the 1960s the Imam developed strong ties with individuals such as Barney Desai, a former member of the Coloured People’s Congress, who had by then gone into exile and become a member of the PAC. It was through the latter’s links that the Imam gave his assistance to the PAC. Although he was not a member as some may argue or wish to believe, he clearly supported the activities of the PAC as well as that of the African National Congress.
In 1968 he undertook a journey to Mecca with the objective of reviewing his relationship with the PAC and to sort out his eldest daughter’s study programme at one of London’s educational institutions.
On this journey he met the Saudi Arabian Minister of Education, Hasan `Abdullah `Ali Shaykh, to discuss matters of educational interest and he also had the opportunity of meeting King Faysal (d. 1972). (Note: King Faysal was martyred on 25 March 1975)

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