Address: Rylands Estate,
Johnston Rd, Gatesville,
Cape Town, 7766,
South Africa

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Developing scholars and thought leaders

The International Peace College South Africa (IPSA), is an Islamic Tertiary Institution founded on the principles of peace, unity and equality; established in 2005 through the amalgamation of two community based theological institutions- the Islamic College of Southern Africa [ICOSA] (est. 1990) and Darul Arqam Islamic Institute (est. 1992).

In 2013 the institution celebrated an historic occasion when it became the first Islamic institution of higher learning to be registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) in South Africa. This was achieved based on the accreditation of its Bachelor Arts Islamic Studies (BAIS), and later its Higher Certificate in Islamic Studies (HCIS).

Our Mission

IPSA is dedicated to becoming a leading international centre of education which is dedicated towards:

Our Vision

To build the International Peace College South Africa to become a leading international Islamic education institute which,Contributes to revitalizing the intellectual and spiritual dynamism of the Muslim Community as exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and demonstrated in a rich legacy of scholarship spanning more than 1400 years.

News & Events

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