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Funding Support

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The foundations for the establishment and development of waqf in Islam are located in the words of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) to his Companion Umar ibn Khattab, when the latter intended to donate a prime piece of agricultural land. The Prophet (pbuh) said, “Establish the land as a waqf for Allah, and donate the seasonal harvest to the poor.” [Ibn Khuzaymah].

Waqf (Endowment) development is intended for Long-term financial sustainability. Waqf is normally associated with fixed assets, since, in principle the waqf capital is meant to be preserved in perpetuity, whilst the returns on investment are channeled as sustainable income toward an identified beneficiary project.

IPSA’s 12000 Believers Waqf Campaign is the establishment of a waqf in perpetuity for Education.
Download our brochure to find out more.

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African Indigenous Muslim Scholarship (AIM)
The establishment of the AIM Scholarship Program in 2007 was born out of need to empower and spread the message of Islam amongst the African Indigenous Muslims in South Africa. Since the inception of the scholarship, many students, from various parts of the country, have been enrolled into the program. Qualifying students receive a full scholarship which includes student fees; books; stationery; food; hostel accommodation; transport; a monthly stipend and basic medical assistance.

Through the grace of the Almighty the AIM Scholarship Program has successfully contributed and enriched the lives of our students, many of whom have gone on to greater opportunities. For 2013 – 2015 thirty four (34) African Indigenous Muslim students were enrolled into the AIM Scholarship Program, and seven (7) BA Islamic Studies graduates were celebrated thus far.

Adopt an IPSA student (AIS)
In 2014 IPSA enrolled 6 (six) students into the Adopt An IPSA Student Scholarship (AIS) program. The launch of the AIS adoption outreach program, in November 2013, came about due to the growing degeneration in our communities in the Cape Town Metropolitan and Greater Cape Town areas.
Currently the Islamic Communities of the Cape Flats are rife with crime and social disorder. This negatively impacts on the future of our youth, and the crisis calls for immediate action through the form of spiritual upliftment, leadership and youth development – referred to at IPSA as ‘moral-rejuvenation’.
We further believe that through the programmes offered at IPSA we can take steps towards changing the path of the Islamic Youth and Communities of the Cape. The Adoption scholarship includes the cost of either a HCIS or BAIS student’s tuition fees.
Merit Bursaries
IPSA is able to offer merit bursaries to three top achieving students, due the kind funding and patronage of the Imam Manie, Amatie and Hajjah Mareldia Memorial Scholarship Funds. The bursary requires a 70% average pass and a top achiever of each year of study having attained the required 70% or above, while not defaulting in attendance and compliance with DP requirements whom this bursary may be awarded to will receive acknowledgment of their commitment, hard work and academic achievement, not excluding their Islamic moral standing and retaining the values and ethos of IPSA and being a student of Islamic knowledge.
External Bursaries
IPSA has developed very important relationships with organizations who share and support its vision and mission in offering accessible Islamic Tertiary Education at an excellent level over the years. IPSA therefore has the opportunity to facilitate the bursary application process with these organizations on behalf of our students.

For further clarity herein, or for funding and sponsorship queries contact IPSA’S funding Officer, Soraya Talip (


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