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Edris Khamissa and Adv Vahed Public speaking workshop

The Dynamics of Public Speaking: An Islamic Perspective – the book launched by Edris Khamissa and Advocate Vahed was the premise of the workshop hosted at IPSA’s campus on Thursday, 10 August 2017. The duo took to the stage with gusto and spurred on the student body to do the same. They motivated, inspired, and cheered on each student in turn, their dynamism was infectious and the staff and students alike were encouraged to become better public speakers.

What made this workshop extraordinary was that it usually took place over a couple of days whereas it was presented to the students in just under four hours. Nevertheless, the knowledge they imparted was invaluable as the students were readying themselves to present public seminars as well as the Jumuáh talks across Cape Town.

Mr Khamissa started out intensely with, “If your life is not changed within 48 hours of a presentation, no change will be made. Information must lead to transformation.”
Mr Khamissa and Adv Vahed were chosen by the Department of Education as Ambassadors for the Read to Lead campaign. They presented the students with gifts of their book; Dynamics of Public Speaking.

They used the example of the Prophet (PBUH) and his Farewell Sermon as the perfect orator and the most perfect speech ever delivered.

“Studying at IPSA has been a truly enlightening experience. It has enhanced my understanding of the Deen and enriched the way I live and practice Islam. I would recommend IPSA to anyone who wishes to connect with Allah (SWT) with understanding and an increased sense of sincerity to toward Him. IPSA’s ethos cultivates respect, unity within diversity and living Islam according to the middle-way.”

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